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Dr. Nagashree K S is Currently working as a Faculty at JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysore. She also possesses Industrial experience for 4 years where she excelled her research experience where she carried out more than 30 projects in the following areas

Toxicity and Genotoxicity studies:  Acute, Subacute, chronic toxicity according to OECD Guidelines and GLP Standards and  Chromosomal aberration test: Method, different types of aberrations, scoring,  Micronucleus assay: Method, scoring according to OECD Guidelines.

Antiobesity studies: High-fat diet model

PCOS: Estradiol valerate, DHEA induced models, and Letrozole models

Analgesic activity: Peripheral: Writhing test, Central: Eddy’s hot plate

Diabetic wound model: Excision and Incision wound model.

Hepatoprotective studies: CCL4 induced

Cataract studies: Naphthalene induced

 Diabetes mellitus: Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel PPAR-γ modulators as antidiabetic agents.

She was part of preclinical and clinical studies of marketed product Slimferin TM developed at Vidya herbs Pvt.LTD.

In her account, she has more than 10 publications in peer viewed journals