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Reignite Innovative Conferences is delighted to invite you to the Reignite- Conference on Polymer Chemistry (Chemistry-2021) to be held virtually on November 26-27,2021.

Polymers are found almost in every material used in our daily life. Many objects have been developed directly as a result of advances in polymer chemistry. To date, the importance of Polymer chemistry has been much more highlighted because of its applications in different dominions of sciences, technologies, and industry – from basic uses to biopolymers and therapeutic polymers.

In this conference, we are going to discuss the basics of polymer chemistry, the latest research works involved in the field of polymers.

Chemistry-2021 providing a platform for international experts, scientists, researchers, academic faculty, and students interested in the field of polymer chemistry to discuss and compare research experiences, thus reducing the gap between the expansion of knowledge and its applications.

We are conducting this conference session-wise. Each session covers specific scientific tracks. Chemistry-2021 has a Keynote, Speaker, Young Research Forum (YRF), and student presentations.

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